About the Aspen Village Metro District

The Aspen Village Metropolitan District consists of 145 residential lots a short 15 minute commute from Aspen, Colorado. The Metro District owns and operates a community center, swimming pool, roadways, waste water treatment facility, domestic water pumping facility, irrigation ditches and open space.

Beach Resource Management
Phone: (970) 273 – 3100

Community Center
Phone: (970) 923 – 4337
Fax: (970) 923 – 4916
E-mail: admin@romero-group.com
Reservation Form:  Clubhouse Policies & Checklist Form

Community Garden
To reserve a plot in the community garden, please complete a garden registration form and submit it to management along with a $50 check made out to Aspen Village Metropolitan District.

Towing from Storage Lot Effective March 1, 2017
Effective March 1, 2017, any unregistered, unlicensed or abandoned vehicle, trailer, ATV, etc. in the storage lot will be towed away at owner’s expense. Management recently completed an audit on the lot and found several vehicles/trailers currently parked in the lot with expired tags or no tags at all. Per the Aspen Village Storage Lot Rules & Regulations, in order for an item to be legally stored within the storage facility, it MUST BE OWNED BY A PROPERTY OWNER OR CURRENT RESIDENT of Aspen Village, the vehicle/trailer/ATV, etc. must be currently registered to the AV resident’s address with a photocopy of the CURRENT registration provided to and on file with the District office and also reflect the appropriate AV storage lot sticker. Please double-check your registration to ensure it is current and your storage item has a visible AV storage lot sticker. If your storage item is not current with the District, please update your information IMMEDIATELY to avoid towing. Should you have a vehicle or trailer you’d like to store in the lot, please complete the Storage Lot Registration Form in “Parking, District Rules & Regulations” below and return to Kathy at The Romero Group at kpotter@romero-group.com. For a complete copy of the Aspen Village Rules & Regulations, please see link below under “Parking, District Rules & Regulations.” Thank you!

Postings of Board Meetings::

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Metro District Board Meeting Public Notice 12.12.17

In 2015 the Colorado Department of Health and Environment determined that the Aspen Village Metropolitan District’s groundwater wells was under the influence of surface water. Therefore, the State directed that the Aspen Village Metropolitan District increase its chlorination/disinfection level to a minimum residual chlorine level of 2.0 parts per million to continue to ensure the safety of your drinking water:

Notice from CDPHE - May 15, 2015 : Notification of Final Evaluation of Surface Water Influence to Wells
Notice from CDPHE - May 19, 2015 : Requirements for Reclassification to Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI)

A public notice regarding the chlorine increase in drinking water was posted at the clubhouse and emailed to residents. Chlorine has historically been used to disinfect the Aspen Village water supply. This increase in chlorine level is required by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. Some residents have expressed concern regarding the increased level of chlorine. A review of disinfection practices using Chlorine is provided for your reference:

Drinking Water Chlorination - A Review of Disinfection Practices and Issues

Management researched multiple solutions and options to present to the District’s Board of Directors to remedy the Ground Water Under the Influence of Surface Water classification and be able to reduce the amount of chlorine disinfection:

GWUDI Options for Resolution from Zancanella & Associates, Inc.
Relocating Potable Water Wells & Associated Costs from Gary Beach
AVMD Board Questions & Answers

The District’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to proceed with the installation of a water filtration and disinfection system, consisting of a cartridge filters and larger chlorine contact chamber. Information on the water filtration system, including a full description, project timeline, estimated cost, and financial options for funding is below:

Summary on Water Filtration Project