About the Buttermilk Metro District

The Buttermilk Metropolitan District owns and operates all roads within West Buttermilk and Eagle Pines, and owns and operates a community potable water system serving West Buttermilk, the Pfister tracts, East Owl Creek Ranch, and Owl Creek Ranch. The land area served by the District is approximately 1,250 acres and includes approximately $860,000,000 in residential estate.

Beach Resource Management worked with several homeowner groups to organize the Metro District in 2000 in response to an extended drought and the dry-up of dozens of individual and community groundwater wells. Beach oversaw the design, construction and completion of a municipal well field, five miles of water mains, valves and hydrants, and the issuance of $4.75 million of bonds. Beach Resource Management has provided professional management, engineering, and financial services to the District since its inception.

In 2011, in order to accommodate the expansion of the Aspen Pitkin County Airport, Metro abandoned its ground water well supply system and connected its water mains to the City of Aspen’s Water Department through a newly constructed pumping station. This new pump station lifts water from the interconnection with the City to a potable water storage tank nearly 800 feet higher in elevation on Buttermilk Mountain.